• Age: 28
  • Lives in: Robbinsdale
  • Occupation: Cable guy

Q: Can you tell us a funny story about being a cable guy?

A: Once I was at a house to hook up Internet. The basement was pretty innocent looking -- a bunch of computers and "Star Trek" models. The dude just seemed like a nerdy guy. I pop on a monitor and it's all gay porn. Then I looked around and realized all the computers have webcams and they're all arranged in angles facing each other.

Q: We heard that one time you put on a suit, pretended to be a businessman and got kicked out of a bar.

A: Oh, Businessman Day. Basically, I dress up like a businessman on a weekday and just walk around downtown and the skyways, drink martinis at the News Room or hotel bars, like a real-life businessman.

Q: What is your affinity for businessmen all about?

A: I think it's because I have a very nonbusinessmanny job. So it seems like it'd be nice to wear a suit and hang out around an office drinking coffee and then go to happy hour. But I'm sure some businessmen think it'd be cool to just roll out of bed and drive a van around all day eating SuperAmerica hot dogs like I do.

Q: Speaking of hot dogs, what is your favorite snack food?

A: I have to say that the SA roller grill is a cable guy's best friend.