A 20-year-old driver was sentenced Monday to a four-year term for fatally striking a pedestrian and his dog while racing on a Plymouth street.

Jack H. Blaschke, of Delano, was sentenced in Hennepin County District Court in connection with the hit-and-run crash that killed Gregory M. Schneider, 65, of Plymouth, on April 28.

With credit for time in jail after his arrest, Blaschke will serve roughly 2 23 years in prison and the balance on supervised release.

At sentencing, the prosecution argued for 4 34 years, while the defense requested slightly less than 3 12 years. Judge Daniel Moreno sentenced Blaschke to the four years called for by state guidelines.

State records show that Blaschke's license was expired at the time of the hit and run.

Blaschke hit Schneider and his black Labrador about 9 p.m. near County Road 24 and N. 32nd Avenue.

Witnesses told police that Blaschke stopped at a red light next to another vehicle. Witnesses in the cars said he honked his car horn three times indicating that he wanted to race.

Blaschke took off at more than 70 miles per hour, striking Schneider and the dog as they crossed the street. Blaschke fled and refused to return to the scene despite others encouraging him to go back, the charges said. Golden Valley police located Blaschke's vehicle a few hours later.

"Defendant admitted that his father had warned him several times in the past about consequences related to his driving and that he had just been arrested for a DWI in Plymouth weeks earlier," read the charges filed two days after the crash.