Dr. Fink. He produces independent and unsigned artists worldwide as well as doing session work from his StarVu Studios in the suburban Twin Cities. Since January, he has been helping to develop a new music streaming service and an audio products line for MobileSoft Corp.

Wendy & Lisa. A recording act in the late ’80s and early ’90s, Melvoin and Coleman still work together 90 percent of the time, doing everything from co-writing, producing other artists and composing for film and television. They became the first women to receive an Emmy for a main title theme song, winning for Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie.” Even though their last album was in 2008, they continue to play and write together almost every day.

BrownMark. A recording artist for Motown in the late 1980s, he is now producing artists in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Sage Waters, and exploring a new country-funk sound. BrownMark is also producing a podcast show scheduled for release this fall.

Bobby Z. He continues to play drums and runs an independent music and video label distributed by Entertainment One, a multinational media distribution company.