In recognition of Bob Reardon's 60 years in aviation on Oct. 1, Delta Air Lines is reportedly honoring him with cake and hors d'oeuvres at an employee gathering.

Cake. Hors d'oeuvres.

Seems a rather thin corporate response. United Airlines painted Thomas Stuker's name on the nose of a 747 when he became the first passenger to reach 10 million miles. Stuker's been flying since 1982, according to a July article.

Reardon, of St. Paul, has been flying since Oct. 1, 1951, back when his airline, way pre-Delta merger, was Northwest Orient.

Cake and hors d'oeuvres. Feels very low-key, as if Delta management would just as soon ignore it, I told Reardon, 87.

"I'm not surprised," said Reardon, purser on the three-day Tokyo flights, who also told me: "I don't know of anyone else who is senior to me at Delta."

Two different Delta corporate communications employees in Atlanta have been asked to confirm Reardon's status as the most senior of the company's flight attendants. They have not confirmed that or the chintzy response to Reardon's remarkable longevity.

Richard Moody, another purser, is arranging the corporate cake and hors d'oeuvres gathering and a second more elaborate event.

"He's going over the top, I'm afraid," said Reardon. "I told [Moody], 'It's just one day' and he said, No, now it's two days. When he goes over the top, he goes over the top."

The man behind can't help himself.

"It's all about Bob," said Moody, who is leading a group of colleagues who have volunteered to help fete Reardon. "It will be a blowout, for the No. 1 of 23,000 flight attendants.

"We're thinking about T-shirts of Bob and all kinds of things; a whole other party at the Officers Club at Fort Snelling, they are donating the space. It's open to anyone who has ever flown with Bob, employees, customers. There'll be another cake, a 3-D cake with airplanes on it from Costco. Music and singing for Bob. A video. It's going to be all about him. As a matter of fact, I'm going to ask the 10,000 who follow me on my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and to change their profile identities to 'All About Bob,' Oct. 1."

No fair weather friends

Word has it that meteorologist Jonathan Yuhas will start his new job at KSTP-TV early.

KARE11 GM John Remes reportedly got ticked when informed that Yuhas was taking the new job across town and basically threw him out of the building, I am hearing.

Not a smart move. Here's why: Yuhas' new employer can now introduce him as newest member of the meteorological team during the State Fair. KSTP-TV is reportedly thrilled.

By taking Yuhas off "KARE 11 Sunrise" and giving him some online weather-chasing job, wasn't Remes basically saying, We don't want you?

Why does Remes care where Yuhas goes? Was there monkey business about that standard one-year non-compete clause in this market, as Yuhas is going right to work?

The above are questions I would have be put to Remes if he'd returned my call. Pouting is not cute on a TV G.M., considering that they're usually thought to be smarter and more mature than talent.

A baby boy for AP's household

Adrian Peterson welcomes a baby boy, Adrian Peterson Jr., aka Deuce, into the world.

I believe this is Peterson daughter Adeja's first sibling. So the score is: AP's Kids 2, AP's Spouses 0.

With Peterson describing Deuce's mother as a "fiancée" comes the reasonable expectation that there will be a marriage. Maybe some church-going coach can impress upon Peterson the importance of making a traditional mommy-and-daddy family for his children instead of just creating babies.

Swardson CD dedication

Pam Swardson just got back from L.A., where she attended festivities surrounding "30 Minutes or Less," her comedian son Nick Swardson's new movie.

Nick's co-stars are Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari.

Nick's brother, musician John Swardson, has a new CD called "Silver Dust." My favorite song is "Highway Song," but I am overwhelmed with the need to dedicate "Who's Your Baby" to Adrian Peterson.

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