Alisha Perkins is a runner and a mother in addition to being the wife of Twins closer Glen Perkins. She has written for numerous publications -- including her own web site and for Women's Running. She and Glen founded Fifteen's 5K a few years back as a fundrasier, and this year they're adding a new component: a media challenge. Here's Alisha with more on that: -----------


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves the recovery of a stolen pride and the acquisition of statewide domination.

Glen and I challenge you to race in the "15's Belt Battle" during Fifteen's 5k on August 2nd, 2015.

We challenge all of you to compete against each other to show who is the fastest media member in the state of Minnesota. What's at stake is your pride and the Battle Belt that you can wear with pride and rub in your counterparts faces.

Let's recap:

Who: All Minnesota Media Members

What: Run Fifteen's 5k to see who is the fastest and can win the belt that will be presented by your lovable All-Star Twins Closer.

When: August 2nd, 2015 at 8am

Where: sign up at and challenge your other media counterparts to do the same… make it a battle royale.

Why: Because who doesn't want to talk trash and challenge friends and lets be honest… there is an awesome belt at stake and it is all for a great cause.

Let's get our local media out running for Cystic Fibrosis and dueling each other in the process. I can promise this belt is something you will want to take home for sure!

Challenge your favorite media members on twitter using the hashtag #15sbeltbattle and tagging @fifteens5k.

Let's get ready to rumble!!