There have been all types of rumblings in recent weeks about what the Vikings might do when it comes to pending free agent Chester Taylor.

This has ranged from the Vikings considering putting the franchise tag on Taylor -- that would be an extremely interesting move to make for a backup running back -- to the team simply letting the 30-year-old depart as an unrestricted free agent when he hits the market on March 5.

Well, it seems the Vikings are at least preparing for the fact they might lose Taylor. According to the Detroit News, the Vikings made an offer to DeDe Dorsey before he signed a two-year contract with the Lions this week. Dorsey said he also received an offer from the St. Louis Rams.

Dorsey, a former Cincinnati Bengal, isn't a household name and by no means could be considered Taylor's equal. Dorsey has played in 29 NFL games, including 13 as a rookie with Indianapolis in 2006. He has rushed for only 191 yards on 26 carries and has proven to be a valuable special teams player -- perhaps another big reason the Vikings want him.

But, nonetheless, the Vikings are going to have to start preparing for the fact that unless they give Taylor a significant sum of money he might very well go to a place where a starting opportunity might present itself. Seattle has been one team that has been mentioned as a good fit.

Replacing Taylor wouldn't be easy for the Vikings because he has proven so valuable as a third-down back. He not only is an excellent blocker but also is an extremely valuable receiver out of the backfield. These are areas where starter Adrian Peterson seems to be making progress but Taylor has served as the ultimate security blanket for the past three seasons.

There is a chance that security blanket might no longer be around come next season.