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Tassie Yang, who started watching mukbang videos after her personal trainer suggested she try a no-carbohydrate diet, filmed a video with food from Sw

Slurping, smacking and chatting: Minnesotans make 'mukbang' eating videos

A mash-up of two Korean words that roughly translate to "live eating," mukbang started about 10 years ago in South Korea.
Walkers participating in the Susan G Komen 3-Day trek approached a pit stop near Brackett Recreation Center in Minneapolis. Walker Suzy Warren of Cent

Komen 3-Day trek is the last scheduled for the Twin Cities

The foundation is cutting back on the number of fundraising walks, from seven cities to four, and the Twin Cities didn't make the cut, an organizer confirmed.
EMT/paramedic Ivan Mazurkiewicz uses magic tricks in the back of his ambulance to soothe his youngest patients.

Twin Cities paramedic works magic — literally — when responding to emergencies involving kids

He performs magic tricks for his youngest patients as a way to calm them down and make their ride to the hospital less stressful.
Fairgoers made their way to the bus transportation hub at the Minnesota State Fair in 2014.

First signs of State Fair: Construction is clearing, buses get ready

Need a reason to take the bus? Parking lots with about 7,000 spaces and a $15 cash-only fee "tend to fill up quickly," a fair spokeswoman says.
Erich Mische, left, plans to walk 70 miles in honor of Norm Coleman, right, on his 70th birthday and as a fundraiser for the nonprofit Spare Key.

Fundraising walk at Xcel Energy Center to honor Norm Coleman on his 70th birthday

The event is a fundraiser for nonprofit Spare Key.
Max Fesenmaier, with his mom, Laura, has collected more than 4,000 tennis balls to be retrofitted for walkers used by seniors.

Sartell High graduate serves elderly by collecting 4,000 tennis balls for their walkers

Max Fesenmaier is an ace at serving seniors.
Jonathan Herrera Soto touched up the stenciled faces of slain Mexican journalists that are part of his show “In Between/Underneath (Entremedio/Por D

Faces of murdered Mexican journalists haunt a show at Minneapolis Institute of Art

Faces of slain Mexican reporters occupy the Mpls. Institute of Art.
Every object in one of Day Schildkret’s mandalas comes from the area where he constructs it.

Minneapolis installation of temporary art honors permanent memories

Mandala artist turns grief into beauty.
Ginger Shulick Porcella

Franconia Sculpture Park hires Chicago native to replace its fired founder

It's hoping to bring in "new faces" after its founding director was forced out for inappropriate conduct.
Dayna Lightfoot

Dayna Lightfoot's Love for life endured disease

Lydia Borchert can't remember a time when her mother, Dayna Lightfoot, could walk on her own. That led to a unique bond between Borchert, 21,…
Cat festivals are popular: Neve Palubicki and Ani Sylvers dressed for a night of cat videos at the 2017 Cat Video Festival.

Cats take the spotlight in Minneapolis art festival

Sunday event to celebrate the mystery of felines.
“We were very intentional about the stories represented,” said Minneapolis City Council Member and racial and gender equality advocate Andrea Jenk

Minneapolis LGBT community makes 'Queer Voices' heard

Contributors brought anthology to life at Stonewall event in Minneapolis.