The Traveler: Trudi Juncker of Minneapolis.

The scene: Prayer flags stretch out to a point and brighten the harsh, monotone Tibetan plateau, so high that clouds gather in the valley. White-capped Mount Everest looms in the distance.

Trip details: Juncker was on a 2013 REI Adventures trip called "Tibet: Journey From Lhasa to Everest." She made this photo en route to Mount Everest's North Base Camp. "I love mountains, and this was an opportunity to see several of the 8,000-plus-meter peaks, including Everest. I had never seen the North Face of Everest, just the Nepal side several years earlier," she wrote in an e-mail. Hers was the last such trip REI offered. "I believe the reason that REI discontinued this trip was that it became too difficult and unpredictable for REI and its Tibetan guides to deal with the Chinese for travel permits, in particular to the Everest region. I was lucky to take this last trip."

About the shot: "The prayer flags add color and beauty to the scene, and the clouds indicate just how high we were traveling (over 10,000 feet)," Juncker said in explaining why she wanted to share this particular photograph.

Equipment: "I used a simple point-and-shoot camera, a Fujifilm Finepix A500 digital camera," she wrote.

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