LONDON -- Vikings coach Leslie Frazier revealed Wednesday that quarterback Christian Ponder suffered a rib injury early in Sunday's loss to Cleveland and will be limited in practice this week.

Frazier said the team needs to evaluate Ponder the next few days in practice to determine if he'll be able to play Sunday against the Steelers.

Ponder declined to give specifics about the exact nature of the injury.

"I was able to throw on Sunday after it happened," he said. "My mindset is we’re going to push it to the limit and see what we can do in a smart way. But my mindset is I want to play this game and I'm going to do everything possible to do so."

Asked if he's concerned he won't be able to play, Ponder said, "I don’t have a concern right now. I guess the concern may come after Friday’s practice to see where I’m at."

Ponder said he suffered two rib injuries in college and was able to play the next week. He said the biggest concern is taking contact inm tht area.

"Throwing is a little uncomfortable but it’s manageable," he said.

If he can't play, Matt Cassel would make his first start for the Vikings