Lynx guard Seimone Augustus has more than 25,000 followers on Twitter.

And on Monday, after what she considered unfair treatment by a police officer,  she told her side of the story in multiple tweets. You can find them at @seimoneaugustus

This is one of them:

He also told her he noticed her out-of-state license plates, Augustus wrote on Twitter.

Augustus, who is originally from Baton Rouge, La., tweeted that the officer knew who she was and, before letting her go with a warning, wished her "good luck" in the next playoff series.


A spokesperson for the Roseville Police Department called Augustus' traffic stop routine. But the department received "a handful of  calls" from the media asked about it, so it sent out this news release:

At approximately 10:30 a.m. today, an officer of the Roseville Police Department
stopped a vehicle for having a suspended object between the driver and the windshield on
Fairview Avenue at Highway 36.
The driver of this vehicle was identified by a Louisiana photo driver’s license as Seimone
During the course of this traffic stop, the officer talked with the driver about the
violation, questioned Augustus about her status in Minnesota since she had out of state
vehicle license plates and driver’s license. The officer ultimately warned Augustus on the
violation of Minnesota Statute 169.71 Subd. 1(2) – suspended object.
One of the primary missions of the Roseville Police Department is the safe passage of
motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians who use our city’s streets and thoroughfares.
An obstruction, such as an air freshener hanging from a car’s rear view mirror can
obstruct the driver’s view of merging traffic or a pedestrian crossing at an intersection.
Another of the missions of the Roseville Police Department is the safety of our residents
and visitors. Since February 2010, the Roseville Police Department has been very
proactive with enforcement activities and visibility in and around Rosedale Center.
The department’s stop of Ms. Augustus earlier today took place on a street adjacent to
Rosedale Center.