More details about the fatal police shooting of a 24-year-old St. Paul man in January were revealed this week when police released the transcript of the 911 call.

St. Paul police have said that Marcus Golden was shot and killed by two department officers Jan. 14 after he failed to obey orders and drove his vehicle at one of the officers in an apartment building parking lot.

Police said Golden had a loaded handgun in his reach when he was shot.

Officers were called to the building on the 200 block of University Avenue shortly after 2 a.m. on a report that Golden, who had a history of troubling and threatening behavior, was making death threats via text message, police said. The 911 transcript seems to corroborate what police have said about the call.

In the transcript, a man who identifies himself as the former boyfriend of Golden’s ex-girlfriend tells the dispatcher that Golden has a gun and is in the building’s parking lot:

Caller: Ah there’s a guy in the parking lot that’s been ah texting me death threats for hours and he’s got a gun and he’s in my parking lot right now in a green Jimmy.

Dispatcher: Okay are your doors locked right now?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatcher: And you’re?

Caller: Well he keeps coming back. He’s driving in and out of the parking lot now he’s got …

Later in the 911 call, the dispatcher asks the caller for more information about the gun that he says Golden has.

Dispatcher: Okay and you know he has a gun or did he tell you he has a gun?

Caller: He has a gun.

Dispatcher: Do you know where he normally keep it?

Caller: He always has, he always has a gun it’s a long story its its my ex-girlfriend’s, ex-boyfriend or something somehow he’s got I don’t know how … he got my information and what’s going on but this dude is straight up stalking me and he’s been chasing her all over pointing guns at her … He’s got a gun so I know and I just want the dude to get away from my property because I don’t need problems at my house right now.

At that point, the caller says the gun likely would be on Golden or on the center console of his vehicle.

The Ramsey County attorney’s office has forwarded the case to the Washington County attorney’s office due to a conflict of interest. One of the officers involved is the son of a management-level employee at the Ramsey County attorney’s office.

Washington County Attorney Pete Orput said last month that he would likely present the case to a grand jury to determine if the St. Paul officers involved acted appropriately.

The attorney for Golden’s mother, meanwhile, has said he plans to present the shooting case to the U.S. Department of Justice no later than next week as part of a request for a civil rights investigation.


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