Polaris Industries now says it has recalled 145,000 of its RZR all-terrain vehicles in 2016.

The number was incorrectly reported as 901,000 in an official transcript of its fourth-quarter earnings conference call on Jan. 24.

Polaris spokeswoman Jess Rogers said a corrected transcript has been posted. The transcript now says about 145,000 RZR 900cc-1000cc and RZR Turbo models were recalled.

Polaris has been stung for more than two years by a series of recalls on its four-wheel recreational vehicles as well as some motorcycle and snowmobile models.

The Medina-based manufacturer paid $132 million in total warranty costs and bolstered its warranty reserves by another $194 million in 2016. The 2016 costs are nearly twice the levels paid and reserved in 2015. Much of the increase stemmed from dealing with recall claims and machine fixes that prevented potential fire hazards.