Will it be favorable for outdoor activities this weekend, or a "stay inside" sort of deal? Shown above are the average weather conditions for Saturday and Sunday. Much of the region from the southern Plains to the Ohio Valley will be warm, with the highest temperatures expected in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Thunderstorms will roam the Southeast this weekend, mainly during the afternoon and evening hours. The wet weather shown from Wyoming to North Dakota will occur mainly on Saturday, with some improvement expected on Sunday.

In regards to Memorial Day, much of the Atlantic states region will be dry and warm. However, thunderstorms, some with heavy rain, will occur from the central Gulf region to upstate New York. Cooler weather can be expected through the northern Plains and Upper Midwest. The Southwest will be dry and seasonably warm, while the Pacific Northwest has scattered showers.

Story by AccuWeather.com Senior Meteorologist John Kocet.