We'll get to that in a second. First: Self-reliance is putting people out of work. Politico:

I define shadow work as all the unpaid jobs we do on behalf of businesses and organizations: We are pumping our own gas, scanning our own groceries, booking our travel and busing our tables at Starbucks. Shadow work is a new concept, so as yet, no one has compiled economic data on how many jobs we, the consumers, have taken over from (erstwhile) employees. Yet it is surely a force shrinking the job market, and the unemployment it creates is structural. Thanks in part to this new phenomenon, widespread joblessness could become entrenched in the social landscape.

We have been pumping our own gas for a very long time. The days when a uniformed chap ran out and touched the brim of his cap in a salute before topping off the tank and checking your oil is such a distant memory I can’t summon up anything that isn’t a scene from “Back to the Future,” and I grew up around gas stations. It gets worse:
Consider what you now do yourself: You can bank on your cell phone, check yourself out at CVS or the grocery store without ever speaking to an employee, book your own flights and print your boarding pass at the airport without ever talking to a ticket agent—and that’s just in the last few years. Imagine what’s coming next.

Does anyone really want to bank the old way? Standing in line, shuffling to the teller, waiting for the receipt - this is preferable to punching in numbers on your phone and taking a picture of the check? If so, then we ought to get milk on our doorstep in glass bottles.

Votd There are two ways to do a commercial that attempts to connect with Internet culture. There’s the greatest-hits meme reel, attempting to be the most internet thing on the internet:

Nice to see Double Rainbow enthusiast getting some attention, but really: Dancing Baby, but no Mustard Guy? Funny, but it tries a little too hard. It’s reminding you of that time when everyone had seen that one thing. The thing itself may have been ordinary +1, but the fun was making a reference that other people got. Then there’s this approach, which is actually funny.

Both were released today, so quick! Send them to someone! Be the first! You don’t want to be the person who gets stuff instead of sends stuff, do you?