Does it work? That’s a critical question when thinking about a waterproof case for any electronic device. There’s no second chance.

So, cautiously, I tried a few Catalyst waterproof cases for several of the latest iPhones. The cases felt solid, yet not bulky. I put my iPhone in one, stuck it inside my swimsuit pocket, then jumped into my backyard pool. I swam around a little, came up and made a call with no problems.

Catalyst cases provide full protection against water, drops, dust and dirt. The range of how deep they can be waterproof or dropped depends on the case. I used the Catalyst waterproof case for the iPhone 11 Pro ($90) with a waterproof rating of IP68 and constructed with an impact-resistant and scratch-proof polycarbonate, which allows up to 33 feet of waterproof protection and military standard 810G drop-proof protections of up to 6.6 feet.

The case consists of two parts, a back panel with silicone seals, which seals and snaps into the front plate to form a waterproof connection. Volume controls, the charging port and even the speaker all work as expected. A waterproof tab protects the Lightning port; fold it out when needed, snap it back when you’re done. Integrated touch screen film works perfectly. The back has a clear, hard-coated covering over the phone’s optical lenses. A wrist lanyard is included. (