Make room for daddy

Comedians may not automatically make great parents, but they make for entertaining experts in “Dads,” a documentary directed by Bryce Dallas Howard. After celebrities like Will Smith, Kenan Thompson and Conan O’Brien get done quipping about changing diapers and handling temper tantrums, the director turns the film into a tribute to her own dad, Ron Howard. So what are you getting Pop for Father’s Day?

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Preliminary trials

“Perry Mason” takes more than a few liberties with Erle Stanley Gardner’s beloved attorney — and that’s just fine with me. In the eight-part series, set in early-1930s L.A., the soon-to-be courtroom wiz is a luckless private investigator (Matthew Rhys) who’d be a barfly if he could stand socializing with other drunks at the local tavern. Director Tim Van Patten creates a moody atmosphere of beauty and corruption that will remind you of “Chinatown.” The cast, which represents some familiar names from the novels and the Raymond Burr TV series, includes some of Hollywood’s best character actors, notably Tatiana Maslany, Justin Kirk and John Lithgow, who might just be in line for his seventh Emmy.

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Still beloved

Among the late Toni Morrison’s numerous gifts was her ability to speak proudly of her accomplishments without ever coming across as cocky. That’s because she could back up the boasts. Hear for yourself in “The Pieces I Am,” a moving edition of “American Masters” that pays tribute to the writer’s contributions to literature and so much more.

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Something wild

“The Eric Andre Show,” which airs sporadically on Adult Swim, may be the most outrageous talk show in the genre’s history thanks to the host’s willingness to do anything and everything for shock and snickers. Andre has no interest in cleaning up his act for the stand-up special, “Legalize Everything,” speculating on the taste of human feces, announcing that Bill Cosby is the venue’s bartender and challenging audience members to imagine their parents having kinky sex. Leave your inhibitions at the door.

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Paths of Gloria

If you want to see an uncanny impression of Gloria Steinem, check out Rose Byrne’s Emmy-worthy portrayal in Hulu’s “Mrs. America.” Christine Lahti doesn’t bother with doing an impersonation in “Gloria: A Life,” a taped production of Emily Mann’s play, but the legendary activist’s cry for women’s equality, gun control and abortion rights rings true. Stick around past the curtain call for a Q&A with Steinem herself.

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Neal Justin