Dave A. Schmotter

Dave A. Schmotter

A Minneapolis man stole video gaming systems and games from an  8-year-old boy who was visiting him in the hospital, according to a charge filed Monday.

Dave A. Schmotter, 43, allegedly took a case containing the items and hung it on his intravenous stand while the boy and his mother were distracted. He is charged in Ramsey County District Court with one count of theft.

"Dave steals anything he can get his hands on," the boy's mother told police. "This is really low."

According to the complaint: The woman is friends with Schmotter, and visited him on Nov. 17 while he was a patient at Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul. The woman brought her son. The two also brought McDonalds food for Schmotter.

The boy had a black case containing two Nintendo DS gaming systems and between 30 to 40 video games. The total value was more than $1,000.

The boy left the case on a bench near a pool table when he and his mother went to a nearby computer area. The case was gone when they returned.

Hospital security reviewed surveillance video from the area.

"The video shows [the woman] and her son leave the area, then shows Schmotter take the case, hang it on his IV stand, then hang a shirt over the bag to conceal it," the complaint said.

The items were recovered, and police were called to the hospital.

Schmotter has a long criminal history that includes convictions for drugs, burglary and receiving stolen property.