Vikings nose tackle Pat Williams reiterated Monday that he is 50-50 on whether he will return for the 2010 season and said he is going to go home and talk it over with his family. Williams admitted he feels "drained" after going through the Vikings' 31-28 loss to New Orleans on Sunday in the NFC Championship Game.

"I feel good [physically]," Williams said. "But yesterday was tough on me. It was draining. You do all that work during the season, so you just feel drained."

Williams said he does not have a timetable for when he would make a decision and told coach Brad Childress on Monday that he would call him once he makes up his mind. Vikings players went through exit meetings with their position coaches on Monday morning, then had a full team meeting and exit physicals.

Williams was asked how tough it would be to walk away after one of the most difficult losses of his career.

"It would be kind of tough," Williams said, "but I see how Brett [Favre] felt. Basically, like he said, you go through a season like that and you're drained. I feel like he feels.When he was in Green Bay he lost the NFC Championship [in 2007] and felt like he was drained. But he still felt like he had to come back and prove something."

Williams talked to Favre about the situation and was told, "It's all your choice. It's all going to be on how you feel and then how you come to [a decision]."

"I do it because I have fun," Williams added. "I don't do it for anything else so if I ain't having fun I'm not going to do it. I always have fun being around these guys. I like coming to work every day, laughing with these guys. So if I don't feel like I'm going to have fun I ain't going to do it." 

Favre, of course, has retired the past two offseasons only to return before ever missing a game.

One guy who would miss Pat Williams would be Pro Bowl defensive tackle Kevin Williams. The Williams Wall as they are known is one of the NFL's best run-stopping units.

"It would be a big blow [if he retires] but he has to do what's best for him and you have to respect that and go on," Kevin Williams said. "It would probably hurt me a lot, but I'd have to get one of these other guys to step up and take on some of those double teams."