When it comes to facts, trivia and general history, Major League Baseball is the league I know best, and it's not even really close.

But one of the great things about baseball is that because its history is full of quirks, I am also convinced I will never come close to knowing everything — and therefore will come across nice surprises like the one I found Monday while researching no-hitters:

When baseball went away from the 154-game schedule in favor of 162 games, the American League and National League did it in separate years: 1961 for the AL, and a year later for the NL.

no love In ESPN.com's new "Football Power Index," the Vikings start the season No. 23 out of 32 NFL teams. The Packers are No. 1.

go with youth? It's worth wondering if Torii Hunter, who is hitting .165 since the All-Star Break, will sit more often when Aaron Hicks is healthy.