1. Chiefs (14-1)

They've won seven straight one-score games by a total of 27 points.

2. Packers (12-3)

Who says there's no home-field advantage in a pandemic? The Packers' 7-1 record at Lambeau Field includes five wins by 14 or more points.

3. Bills (12-3)

Stefon Diggs now ranks 14th in NFL history for most catches in a single season (120). He would jump into the top 5 with nine more in Sunday's regular season finale against the Dolphins.

4. Saints (11-4)

We interrupt Alvin Kamara's parade of touchdowns to bring you this bulletin: The Saints have lost two of their past three games, including one to Philly, and have allowed 65 points the past two weeks.

5. Steelers (12-3)

We interrupt the Steelers' funeral to bring you this bulletin: They're still alive.

6. Ravens (10-5)

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens flopped as a playoff favorite last year. Raise your hand if you want to play them when they're a playoff underdog this year.

7. Buccaneers (10-5)

Tom Brady played one half against the Lions. He threw for 348 yards, four touchdowns, a perfect passer rating (158.3) and a 34-0 lead. Not bad.

8. Seahawks (11-4)

Their first nine opponents all scored more than 22 points. Their last six all have scored fewer than 22 points.

9. Colts (10-5)

Sacked only 16 times in his first 14 games as a Colt, Philip Rivers was dropped five times while turning the ball over twice in Sunday's loss to the Steelers.

10. Dolphins (10-5)

Brian Flores should give Raiders coach Jon Gruden a game ball for helping out on that 10th victory of the season.

11. Browns (10-5)

If you're blaming Kevin Stefanski for not running the ball, also blame him for the Browns playing a meaningful game on Dec. 27.

12. Titans (10-5)

Cheer up, Tennessee. The forecast for Houston on Sunday calls for sunshine and no Aaron Rodgers.

13. Bears (8-7)

Look out, Chicago. Your forecast for Sunday calls for heavy Rodgers and high pressure on Mitchell.

14. Cardinals (8-7)

An 8-8 record would be fitting for this talented but not-quite-ready-for-prime-time team.

15. Rams (9-6)

Is Jared Goff good or bad? Yes.

16. Washington (6-9)

If the WFT loses to Philly and the Giants beat the Cowboys, the NFL gets its first 6-10 playoff team. Yippee.

17. Cowboys (6-9)

The Cowboys have won three straight with Andy Dalton posting a 7-1 touchdown-to-interceptions differential.

18. 49ers (6-9)

All decimated positions considered, Kyle Shanahan has done a pretty good job of coaching this year.

19. Patriots (6-9)

A loss to the Jets on Sunday would give Bill Belichick double-digit losses for the first time since he took over the Patriots in 2000 and went 5-11.

20. Chargers (6-9)

Justin Herbert now has the rookie record for touchdown passes (28) and is riding a three-game streak of 3-point wins.

21. Bengals (4-10-1)

Cincinnati doubled last year's win total as Brandon Allen completed 78.4 percent of his passes for 371 yards, two touchdowns and no turnovers. It's always nice to play Houston's pass defense.

22. Raiders (7-8)

Gruden refuses to take Miami's gift touchdown, kicks a field goal to go up by 2 and leaves FitzMagic with 19 seconds on the clock? Some people deserve to lose.

23. Vikings (6-9)

We'll keep it positive and point out that Alvin and Dalvin both scored their league-leading 16th rushing touchdowns on Christmas Day.

24. Giants (5-10)

Daniel Jones against Wink Martindale's Baltimore defense was a disaster waiting to happen.

25. Falcons (4-11)

Like a lot of teams the past seven weeks, Atlanta almost beat the Chiefs. When it comes to almost, Patrick Mahomes always wins.

26. Broncos (5-10)

Jerry Jeudy doesn't appear to be sold on Drew Lock. Jeudy had 15 targets, six catches and one thrown helmet.

27. Panthers (5-10)

Has Teddy Bridgewater done enough to keep Carolina from kicking the tires on another QB? Probably not.

28. Jets (2-13)

The most bittersweet two-game winning streak in NFL history?

29. Eagles (4-10-1)

NFC Least teams are 2-27 when scoring fewer than 20 points. The records: Washington (0-6), Eagles (0-7), Cowboys (0-7) and Giants (2-7).

30. Texans (4-11)

Good news: They have the No. 3 pick in the draft. Bad news: They gave it to Miami.

31. Lions (5-10)

Bad news: Next year will be 30 years since their last playoff win. Good news: There is none.

32. Jaguars (1-14)

It's fitting that Trevor Lawrence will be going to the team that held a Week 16 quarterback competition between Gardner Minshew and Mike Glennon.