For many Minnesota birders, the excitement of so many species reappearing in the spring is followed by a bit of a letdown in the summer. But Adam Roesch, who lives and birds avidly near the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park, has no problem keeping busy this time of year. Here’s what he looks for in summer:

“Owls and other raptors are always exciting for me. Falcons [peregrines and kestrels] are definitely of high interest, followed by the accipiters [mostly Cooper’s hawks here].”

“On the river, I seek out spotted sandpipers and Caspian terns. I look for prothonotary warblers and blue-gray gnatcatchers, which breed below the dam. I also like to watch for which species are feeding baby cowbirds [usually cardinals and song sparrows].”

“Dickcissels came through in big numbers last June. While looking for them in northwestern Brooklyn Park, I found a lark sparrow singing by the Target headquarters. There are sometimes eastern meadowlarks and horned larks out that way.”