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Conor Sen
May 18
Working from home may become the new norm but there are plenty of downsides, like the blurring line between home and work.

More outsourcing and legal liability? Potential problems of working from home en masse.

Things that start out exciting can have negatives that become apparent later.
Frank Bruni
May 18
Former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, at a campaign event in Sumter, S.C., Feb. 28.

I'll take Biden's confusion over Trump's corruption

The president's backers are shameless in their portrayal of the former vice president as a demented wreck.
Jennifer Senior
May 18
The pandemic has made clear that many of us can work from home. But what do we lose when we leave the office behind?

Dump on your office all you like. You'll miss it when it's gone.

The benefits to office life are not just social, but also intellectual and developmental.
May 16

Glen Taylor: Now more than ever, this newspaper is essential to Minnesota

A thank-you to readers and advertisers and to all who make this 'daily miracle' happen.
Staff reports
May 15

In case you missed it: Star Tribune Opinion online extras

In addition to the articles on these pages, Star Tribune Opinion publishes others online. Topics this week included: “Wisconsin lockdown ruling shows right wing’s paranoia”…
Jill Burcum
May 15
A Red Cross demonstration in Washington during the influenza pandemic of 1918.

My great-grandfather wasn't hit by the first wave of the 'Spanish flu,' but the second

Memories of that pandemic and its survivors give rise to worries.
Opinion Exchange
May 15
Michael Flynn

Obama misstated the facts on Michael Flynn

Former president also ignored the role his administration played in the investigation.
Theresa Keaveny
May 15
Closures of meat-processing plants left farmers searching for alternatives for hogs ready for market.

Crisis shows how our farm-food economy needs to be transformed

We can have a system that serves equitably for all.
Mark Tranvik
May 15
A choir member celebrated Easter Mass at a nearly empty St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco on April 12, 2020.

Coronavirus pandemic: God speaks to us in the challenges he sends

Here's some of what I hear him saying.
David Unmacht
May 15
President Donald Trump signed the CARES act in March.

Cities, towns must not be left out of emergency relief.

None of Minnesota's 853 cities met CARES Act eligibility.
Chris Penwell
May 15
Children who need school as a safe space will suffer during this pandemic.

Kids need to get back in school to stay safe

Disadvantaged children are at a high risk for child abuse.
May 15
This year’s MSP International Film Festival will move from the big screen to smaller screens.

MSP International Film Festival, and world, redefined

A virtual version of the 39th annual world cinema event comes amid changes and challenges to globalization itself.
Micki McElya
May 15
Workers wearing personal protective equipment bury victims of COVID-19 in a trench on Hart Island in the Bronx borough of New York in April.

Almost 90,000 dead, and no hint of national mourning

If this is a war, are these not our fallen?
Noah Feldman
May 15
Owner Paul Furrer cuts the hair of Jeff Jones at Rick’s Barber Shop Thursday, May 14, in Waukesha, Wis. The store re-opened after the Wisconsin Supr

Wisconsin lockdown ruling shows right wing's paranoia

This does not really seem to be about legal technicalities.
Opinion Exchange
May 14
This photo shows the Tesla plant in Fremont, Calif.

Elon Musk thinks his business is too important to worry about COVID-19

Decisions must be made by those accountable to voters, not billionaires.
D.J. Tice
May 14
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said that for every $1 New York’s residents and businesses send to the federal government, Washington spends 91 cents

Blue state/red state, rich state/poor state: Who's bailing out whom?

A school of thought worth attention considers what state governments spend compared with what they can afford.
Dave Durenberger and Tom Horner
May 14
Campaign posters lined Republican convention headquarters in 1960. In that era, the authors write, the party’s core values put government in the ser

Minnesota Republicans, what are you going to do?

Our grand old party, convening virtually this weekend, must rediscover its grand old values.
Kara Swisher
May 14
Tesla CEO Elon Musk in 2018.

Elon Musk unleashed again

The entrepreneur wants his businesses up and running now. Good luck trying to stop him — or his particular style.
Doyle McManus
May 14
Former President Barack Obama in 2018.

Welcome back, Barack. What took you so long?

Trump may regret his longstanding (and heretofore mostly solo) grudge match.
Woodrow Hartzog
May 14
Customers at an Apple Store in 2017. Both iPhones and Android phones may serve as contact-tracing devices as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Coronavirus tracing apps are coming

Here's how they could reshape surveillance as we know it.
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