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“Wisconsin lockdown ruling shows right wing’s paranoia”

In a 4-3 decision, the state’s Supreme Court struck down a stay-at-home order. “The majority opinion is lawyerly,” writes Bloomberg columnist Noah Feldman, “not in the admiring sense of the word favored only by lawyers, but in the pejorative sense of the term favored by ordinary human beings.”

“A literal lockdown might beat COVID, but our society isn’t built to do that”

“Sure, we can and do stop individually,” writes Chris Jones of the Chicago Tribune. “We go away, reflect, plan, spend time with family, chill out, deepen, think, plan for the rest of our lives. [But] America is just not set up to go dark, even for a while. Universities need tuition or their campuses fall apart. Businesses need revenue or they go bankrupt. Planes are built to stay in the air nonstop, otherwise they run into maintenance trouble. Broadway needs eight shows a week or the industry is dead in the water. Kaput. Our economic models all are based on nonstop action.”

“Welcome back, Barack. What took you so long?”

“In a videoconference with some 3,000 former aides last week, [former President Barack] Obama slammed [President Donald] Trump’s response to the coronavirus crisis as an unbridled catastrophe, criticism he knew would leak,” writes Doyle McManus of the Los Angeles Times. Trump’s “brawl with Obama has been brewing for years,” he continues. “The surprise is how rarely Obama responded.”

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