Opening: They loved Marc Camoletti’s French farce when it opened in London in 1962. They hated it three years later on Broadway. Then they loved it on Broadway in a 2008 revival that netted Mark Rylance a Tony for his performance as a country bumpkin who stumbles into the intricate schemes of a Parisian lothario. Craig Johnson is directing Torch Theater’s production, which will play at the Minneapolis Theatre Garage. Zach Curtis plays Robert, the rube from Wisconsin who visits Bernard (Sam Landman). Bernie knows the precise schedules of three airline stewardesses (as they were then called) and is carrying on relationships with all three. His life is perfect, right? You’ll get the answer several hundred slammed doors later. Stacia Rice, Sara Richardson, Rachel Finch and Mo Perry are also featured in the fine cast. (7:30 Fri.-Sat., Thu. Ends April 4; Theatre Garage, 711 W. Franklin Av., Mpls.; $8-$30, 1-888-71-TICKETS or

Graydon Royce