Carrie Underwood at the sold-out grandstand

Star Tribune photo by Kyndell Harkness


One word to describe Carrie Underwood's personality on Tuesday at the State Fair grandstand: Plastic.

One thought to describe her singing: She can belt but doesn't consistently emote with genuine feeling.

Another thought about her singing: She delivers nearly every song like she's trying to hit a homerun on American Idol.

One thought about her material: She's had several impressive hits (and remarkable videos) but taken as a body of work in concert, her songs are too similar in tone and dynamics to the point of being formulaic.

She is more talented than she demonstrated at the fair. (read the full review).

Here is Underwood's set list:

Cowboy Casanova/ Quitter/ Wasted/ I Know You Won't/ Some Hearts/ Just a Dream/ Temporary Home/ Someday When I Stop Loving You/ All American Girl/ So Small/ Undo It/ Jesus Take the Wheel > How Great Thou Art/ What Can I Say/ Change/ I Told You So (Randy Travis)/ Mama's Song/ Last Name  eNCORE Before He Cheats/ Songs Like This

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