The Traveler: Pete Rozeboom of Blaine.

The scene: The photographer stands at the Devil Canyon Overlook, part of the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area in Montana, near the Wyoming border. "Sun is breaking through the clouds just enough to light up some of the canyon," Rozeboom wrote in an e-mail, adding that the canyon was formed over millions of years and is marked with sediment lines. "It is truly a sight to see."

The trip: During a two-week road trip, Rozeboom and a friend covered more than 4,000 miles and took in eight states, four ski resorts and six or seven national park holdings.

state parks adventure: Rozeboom is no stranger to adventure. He traveled to all 76 Minnesota state parks in 32 weeks. See more about his adventures at "We all need to spend more time exploring in nature," he wrote.

How I got this shot: "Set my Olympus TG4 camera up on a little Joby tripod, turned on my camera's Wi-Fi to connect to my iPhone 6s, ran/climbed into location, pulled my phone out, and hit the shutter button," Rozeboom wrote. "I stood in that spot for a solid 5 minutes frozen by the beauty of this canyon."

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