WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama wants broad tax reform:

According to his proposal, which is paid for by increasing capital gains taxes and close the “trust fund loophole.” His plan:

He would give a $3,000 credit per young child to make child care more available and affordable.

He would cut taxes, a credit of up to $500, for middle class families when both spouses work.

He expands the Earned Income Tax Credit for low-wage earners without children.

He promotes a minimum wage increase.

He will tout state partnerships that adopt paid leave and ensure Americans can earn paid sick days.

In Minnesota, Gov. Mark Dayton on Tuesday echoed a similar sentiment, saying he wanted tax relief for parents with young kids.  St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman on Friday will be at the White House to discuss St. Paul’s newly enacted paid parental leave policy. On the minimum wage, Minnesota had the largest wage increase in the country last year when Dayton bumped it to $9.50 an hour.