Ole Savior hasn't had much luck getting elected as a DFLer.

He's run unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate, Congress and governor more than a few times (he placed dead last at the DFL endorsing convention last month in Duluth).

Perhaps that's why Savior decided to run for governor as a Republican.

That's right, the party of Ronald Reagan and Tim Pawlenty is now the party of Ole Savior.

It's right there on his filing form.

Office: "Governorship"

Party: "Republican."

He paid his $300 filing fee in cash, according to the form.

Savior spread the news Wednesday in the Capitol press room, snapping photos of journalists and introducing his running mate, Todd "Elvis" Anderson.

Yup, his running mate is an Elvis impersonator from Brooklyn Park.

Here's Anderson's statement on his website: "Today I accepted the request of my friend Ole Savior to campaign as his running mate for the governorship of Minnesota, more later."