Just as the Twins spent the off-season making changes to their roster, startribune.com has been making changes to its baseball web pages. We're scheduled to unveil them later this week.

We'll be adding more Twins news and information -- including videos, a Target Field page, easier-to-access MLB stats and Twins minor-league information. LaVelle and Joe are working on becoming masters of the web cam, adding to the things they already bring to our baseball coverage.

In addition to our staff blogs, we'll be adding new ones from the TwinsCentric posse and from Suzanne Solheim of  Babes Love Baseball. We'll also make it easier to get to some of the best national baseball blogs.

There's more, and the content will continue to grow and evolve as Opening Day draws nearer.

I think you'll like it, and we're going to want to know what you think.


I don't buy the angst of some people who have commented that the Twins outfield will be among the worst in baseball (defensively). Sometimes, familiarity breeds contempt and we see the flaws of those we're around on a daily basis without giving  credit for what they contribute. Denard Span doesn't bring Carlos Gomez' range to center field, but who would you rather have out there? And the Twins have opted to emphasize offense in their commitments to Michael Cuddyer in right field and Delmon Young in left.

While those are the correct choices, it begs for more than just a flippant discussion about the 25th spot on the roster, which should go to a defensive specialist whose presence doesn't currently exist on the spring training roster. Cuddyer can fill in for a day or two, but I'm not real comfortable with Joe Nathan protecting a one-run lead in the ninth with Young in left, Cuddyer in center and Jason Kubel in right.

I'm guessing Gardy won't be, either.

The manager has been saying that he can put Nick Punto or maybe Alexi Casilla out there, but that sounds more like emergency service than late-game protocol.

The good news is that such gloves should be available at a modest price as the regular season draws near.


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