Obadiah Gamble won over the hearts of hockey fans Sunday. The 7-year-old from St. Paul helped kick off the Wild's home game against St. Louis announcing "Let's play hockey" with the same exuberance that won over Vikings fans earlier this year.

"All right Wild fans, it's time to drop the puck. So everyone say it with me: Let's play hockeyyyyy!!!!" he said titling his head back and throwing his right arm in the air as if he had done it many times before.

Gamble was invited to make the call as part of Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota night at Xcel Energy Center. The former patient's charming personality was on display again when Fox Sports North interviewed Obadiah in the second period.

FSN broadcaster Kevin Gorg started the interview by noting the youngster's request to wave to his girlfriend while on the air. Gamble said he was nervous for his pregame announcement, but Gorg let his guest know he "knocked it out of the park."

In May, Obadiah produced a rap video to invite Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to his birthday party. The song went viral and Bridgewater had to meet the big fan, who later had the opportunity to visit with the whole Vikings team at an offseason workout.

Gorg couldn't help but laugh when Obadiah without hesitation said Sunday he preferred meeting Bridgewater to yelling "Let's play hockey."

"I liked Teddy Bridgewater coming to my birthday better than saying playing 'Let's play hockey' because he's famous," he said.

Just as the interviewed ended, the Wild scored while the cameras were still on the yioungster and it led to a celebration that has him going viral again. After Gamble's screams, Gorg officially closed out the interview saying "And you're good luck. Way to go, Obadiah."

Watch the fun interview: