Tyler Johnson and Tom Brady. Just a couple of G.O.A.T.s hanging out in Tampa.

Johnson is the 22-year-old rookie, a fifth-round draft pick who is generally hailed as the greatest receiver to come out of Minneapolis North High. Brady is the 21-year NFL veteran, a former sixth-round draft pick who is often billed as the greatest quarterback in the history of, well, history.

Johnson, a quarterback and defensive back for the Polars before his position switch with the Gophers, has had a modest rookie season. Entering Sunday's game against the visiting Vikings, he has 10 catches for 118 yards and has been shut out the past three games.

But …

Among his catches are two of Brady's NFL-record 569 touchdown passes. Yes, he kept both footballs.

"I definitely had to keep that," he said. "That's legendary right there. Very legendary."

The first touchdown was a 7-yarder in a win over the Packers. The other was a 1-yarder in a win over the Raiders.

"I would say for both of them, I was last in the progression," Johnson said. "But my job as a receiver is to win my route, regardless. I just was able to create separation and when the ball was in the air, I just made a play on it."

Johnson envisions great things for those two footballs in 15 years or so.

"They'll be somewhere in the man cave," he said. "Hung up with a lot of other good things that are down the road."

He might also want to save the text he got from Brady on draft day.

"It was unreal, honestly," Johnson said. "It honestly took a while to process it all. This is Tom Brady that just texted me. But I got down here and worked out with him. Just a great guy. He cares so much about getting the best out of other players."

Ditto for Johnson and his hometown. He has the skyline of Minneapolis tattooed on his chest, and after graduating from North, he stayed home to become a record-breaking receiver for the Gophers.

Now, as an NFL player, he gives back to his community while hoping to be a role model for the next generation of Northsiders.

"They are proud of me and I am proud of them," he said. "I love my city. I always love my city. I'm definitely proud to continue to represent [it] at a high class."