SEPT. 26

Theft. Two puppies valued at $1,498 were stolen from Four Paws and a Tail, 120 Northtown Drive NE.

SEPT. 27

Dispute. An officer mediated a dispute on the 10500 block of Alamo Street NE. between two male football coaches, ages 43 and 48, who had a falling out over coaching philosophies. One of the men had threatened the other man via a text message, police said. Both were advised to remain civil and avoid one another at practices and games.


SEPT. 28

Theft. A man and a woman stole three cases of champagne from the liquor store inside the Costco at 12547 Riverdale Blvd. NW. The woman distracted an employee while the man carried out the cases, police said. The store had recorded the incident on videotape.

OCT. 1

Safety check. A bus driver for Anoka County Traveler reported that three children got on the bus without any adult present on the 3400 block of 124th Avenue NW. Their 30-year-old mother was contacted and arrived at the scene. She told officers her 10-year-old daughter had said she was going to take her siblings, ages 2 and 5, for a walk around the block.

Weapons. A 17-year-old boy was charged with displaying an Airsoft gun in public on the 2000 block of 129th Avenue NW. Someone had reported three males in a vehicle pointing a handgun out the window. When officers arrived, one of the boys threw a gun in the bushes, and officers ordered all three to the ground at gunpoint.

OCT. 2

Arson. Someone set a palm tree on fire at a home on the 13089 Vintage Street NW. The Coon Rapids Fire Department extinguished the fire. There were no witnesses.


OCT. 6

Theft. Someone stole two sets of clubs that were on a golf cart parked outside the clubhouse at Hidden Haven Golf Club. Police received five additional reports of clubs being stolen from the same location that day.


SEPT. 29

Dispute. An officer mediated a dispute between two roommates on the 5700 block of Hackmann Avenue NE. They were arguing over who had given whom scabies. No charges were filed because the parties agreed to handle the issue privately and calmly.

Theft. A woman from a home on the 6300 block of Pierce Street NE. reported that someone stole her compost bag from behind her garage.

SEPT. 30

Indecent exposure. A naked man reportedly was asking people for directions on the 400 block of 71st Avenue NE. Officers were unable to find the man.

OCT. 2

Miscellaneous. A 69-year-old woman from a home on the 400 block of Mississippi Street NE. reported that her neighbors had been tampering with her phone lines because her cordless phone did not work. An officer found her cordless phone base and it was disconnected from the wall. He reconnected it.


OCT. 3

Theft. An air conditioner was stolen from the side of a home on the 16700 block of Washington Street NE.


OCT. 8

Arson. A garbage can was set on fire, and it spread to a garage on the 700 block of Thomas Avenue N.

OCT. 10

Robbery. Two males, 20 to 30 years old and wearing masks and gloves, entered VitaLife Community Pharmacy at 4151 Fremont Av. N. and threatened an employee at gunpoint, police said. The suspects demanded that the employee open the pharmacy's safe. They fled after taking $800 and prescription medication.


SEPT. 24

Theft. Someone stole a GPS unit and 100 compact disks from an unlocked vehicle on the 7000 block of 147th Avenue NW.

SEPT. 30

Theft. A wood chipper was stolen from the 7500 block of 152nd Lane NW.

Susan Hilliard • 612-673-7131 Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime in a neighborhood or community.