The Twins are projecting confidence as they head to

New York for the American League Division Series against the Yankees.

But they don’t seem to have a lot of believers outside their own clubhouse. Vegas odds have the Twins, even after a 101-win season, a distant third in the American League behind the Astros and Yankees.

Most publications at least — AT LEAST — get the Twins’ name correct on first try.

That was not, sadly, the case with Newsweek. The publication did a roundup Wednesday of how various experts see the MLB playoffs shaking out (spoiler alert: lots of talk about the Yankees, Astros and Dodgers), and in the initial swing Newsweek referred to the Yankees playing the “Minnesota Wild.”

It was fixed a couple hours later, but … ouch.

I will say this, though: If the Wild’s goal total this season can somehow match the Twins’ home run total (307), we could be talking about the Twins — sorry, Wild! — in the Stanley Cup finals.

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