A Twin Cities motorist under investigation for having a profanity-laced and violent message about Hillary Clinton on the back window of his minivan will not be charged by federal authorities, a Secret Service official in Minneapolis said Monday.

However, police in Rogers said Monday they still are looking into whether Emil Schmiege violated any state laws driving along Interstate 94 near the Hwy. 101 exit in Rogers with this handwritten message on his vehicle: "If Hillary wins I hope to god some one shoots her in her [expletive] head." A second sentence of three words included two more vulgarities.

The words on the van were photographed on Nov. 9, the day after Election Day, by a fellow motorist and turned over to authorities.

Schmiege, 47, of Zimmerman, said, "The way it was worded, it cannot be construed as any kind of a threat. It's only a wish, which falls under freedom of speech. ... I don't regret it at all."

Lou Stephens, special agent in charge for the Secret Service in Minneapolis, said, "We have completed our investigation and didn't uncover any evidence that [he] intended to carry out an assault attempt. ... Our investigation is now closed."

Schmiege described the members of the Secret Service who contacted him as "more cordial and nicer than I expected. Good people; at least the ones I talked to, and very understanding of my feelings of the situation."

Rogers Police Chief Jeff Beahen said Monday he's still trying to reach Schmiege so he can determine whether a charge of disorderly conduct or some other offense is warranted.

As far as a possible charge of disorderly conduct, Schmiege said, "You got a million Americans out there that have bumper stickers on their cars [with ] swear words on them, and you can't [classify] that as disorderly conduct."

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