about the trail

I got onto the trail along Nine Mile Creek in Central Park in Bloomington. Head to W. 106th Street, a half-mile or so west of Interstate 35W.

Look for the small parking lot (six spaces) on the south side of W. 106th Street just west of Morgan Avenue S. Note to hikers: I encountered dog owners whose dogs were off-leash. Bloomington ordinance calls for leashes. Use good judgment and respect fellow users and wildlife. Other access with parking, according to the Bloomington parks web site:

• Harrison Picnic Grounds, 1701 W. 100th St.

• Moir Park, 10320

Morgan Av. S.

• There also is access near the Minnesota River at W. 112th St. and Queen Avenue S.

hiking checklist

Some general tips, some culled from the Minnesota DNR:

• Watch trail markers.

• Bring a cell phone.

• Remember the season, think of the current weather and dress accordingly all the way down to your footwear choice. (Many trails are wet and muddy this time of year, Central Park in Bloomington among them.)

• Let someone know where you're headed.

• Pack a whistle.


• threeriversparks.org

• co.dakota.mn.us/parks

• http://parks.co.ramsey.mn.us/parks

• DNR's trails start-up: