Five lucky participants will earn $1,000 to do what they wanted to do anyway: Eat cheese before bedtime. Sleep Junkie, a mattress review website, hopes to test the legend that eating cheese before bed causes nightmares, so they're asking "dairy dreamers" to consume a wide variety of cheeses, log their sleep and provide feedback about sleep quality, energy levels and bad dreams. The best part? Not only do the participants get paid, they also will be reimbursed for the cheese.

Purloined pizza

A 31-year-old woman was charged with two counts of robbery and possession of a weapon (if the police say so) on Jan. 22 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, after a puzzling attempt to steal a pizza, the CBC reported. She allegedly entered a crowded restaurant and demanded a pizza, brandishing a firecracker as a threat. She was denied the pie, so she lit the firework and ran off with a pizza. Outside the restaurant, she got into a cab, but the driver told her to get out because she was being belligerent. When the driver stepped out of the car, she jumped into his seat and took off. Officers caught up with the stolen cab and caught the pizza thief when she became stuck in a snowbank.

Arts and crafts

If you're looking for a craft project, the online shop Savor has you covered, Slate reported. For $46.95, you can put together your own "In Case I Go Missing" binder, which Savor says "makes it super easy for the true-crime-obsessed to record their key stats for their loved ones." Those facts include medical and financial information, fingerprints and lists of "hangout spots." One woman said she added "a hair sample just in case they need it for DNA testing." Patrick McLaughlin, a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, offered some other ideas for the kit: recent photos, the unlock code for your phone, pictures of tattoos, scars or birthmarks, handwriting samples. But his colleague, Elizabeth Jeglic, said that all might go for naught. "The majority of adults will not go missing or be kidnapped," she said.

Happy birthday

Dennis Garsjo, 73, of Glasgow, Mont., might not know your name when he sees you on the street, but he'll call out to you anyway, using your birthday. "Top of the morning to ya, April 11," he might say, according to KRTV. Garsjo has memorized more than 3,000 birthdays and said he came by the talent naturally. "My mother remembered all our relatives' birthdays," he said. "I don't think my talent is all that special. I'm more impressed by musicians who can play a song from memory on the piano." Still, residents of Prairie Ridge Village, where he works, enjoy the Birthday Guy, as he's known.

Finger-lickin' aroma

KFC Thailand has partnered with perfume experts to create what every finger-lickin' good fan wants: fried chicken incense. Oddity Central reported that the incense sticks look good enough to eat and smell even better. Alas, you can't buy them; the incense will be awarded through a raffle on KFC Thailand's Facebook page.

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