Biggest jump: Raiders No. 29 to No. 22 • Biggest fall: Panthers No. 4 to No. 13

1. Patriots, 5-2 (Last week: 2)

They’ve given up 38 points in the last three games. Let’s just cut to the chase and return them to No. 1.


2. Eagles, 6-1 (2)

A league-best five-game winning streak followed by a home game against the 49ers.


3. Rams, 5-2 (8)

London got another boring blowout as Rams topped 32 points for the fourth time this season.


4. Chiefs, 5-2 (1)

Late loss to Raiders hurts, but Andy Reid will right the ship at home against Denver on Monday night.


5. Vikings, 5-2 (6)

Third-ranked run D controlling games, setting tone for the third-down playmakers.


6. Seahawks, 4-2 (7)

Here they come, rising quietly in the NFC with a three-game win streak.


7. Steelers, 5-2 (9)

Le’Veon Bell helping turn the offensive tide with 192 yards on 38 touches vs. Bengals.


8. Saints, 4-2 (10)

Drew Brees with a defense equals four straight wins by a combined 64 points.


9. Redskins, 3-3 (5)

They’re 3-0 against teams outside of Philadelphia and Kansas City.


10. Bills, 4-2 (12)

Leslie Frazier’s defense gets a takeaway to set up late game-winning field goal vs. Tampa Bay.


11. Texans, 3-3 (11)

They’re coming off a bye and get Duane Brown back, but they also have to travel to Seattle.

12. Jaguars, 4-3 (14)

Team Yo-Yo keeps it going. Jaguars on pace for an NFL-record 75 sacks after shutout win at Indy.


13. Panthers, 4-3 (4)

Another hot-and-cold team that’s tough to figure. They hold the host Bears to five first downs. And lose?


14. Dolphins, 3-2 (17)

Jay Cutler goes down, but who cares? Matt Moore throws two fourth-quarter TDs in comeback win over Jets.


15. Bears, 3-4 (20)

In two weeks, the Bears went from worst to most feared when it comes to defensive takeaways.


16. Lions, 3-3 (16)

Can the sinking Lions use the bye week to regroup at home against Pittsburgh Sunday night?


17. Cowboys, 3-3 (21)

Ezekiel Elliott beat the 49ers on the field and stayed undefeated against the NFL in the courtroom.


18. Falcons, 3-3 (15)

Who are these people and what have they done with the Falcons’ offense?


19. Jets, 3-4 (13)

Fourth-quarter collapse gives me a sense that the Jets are ready to settle in where they belong.


20. Packers, 4-3 (18)

Tony Dungy said he’s serious about the Packers signing Brett Favre. How … cool … would … that … be?


21. Titans, 4-3 (23)

You won but you came within 1:55 of tying the Browns. Even a millennial doesn’t get a trophy for that.

22. Raiders, 3-4 (29)

The Chiefs upset was impressive, but will mean little unless it’s followed up by a win at Buffalo.


23. Chargers, 3-4 (28)

The worst teams in the AFC West spent Week 7 flip-flopping with the best teams in the AFC West.


24. Broncos, 3-3 (22)

Someone questioned my sanity for ranking Denver 22nd last week. Good point. That was too high.


25. Bengals, 2-4 (19)

Reality check for Andy Dalton in Pittsburgh after two-game winning streak.


26. Cardinals, 3-4 (24)

Add Carson Palmer’s left arm and the Cardinals’ season to the pile of broken limbs.


27. Ravens, 3-4 (25)

Joe Flacco isn’t one of those quarterbacks who overcomes the flaws and injuries around him.


28. Buccaneers, 2-4 (26)

Tampa Bay is the kind of team that teases with its talent, but falls short on Sundays.


29. Colts, 2-5 (27)

Of the three NFL shutouts on Sunday, only the Colts were blanked at home.


30. Giants, 1-6 (30)

Back to reality, but the trendy Super Bowl pick will always have Denver to remember.


31. 49ers, 0-7 (31)

After five losses by three or fewer points, the 49ers finally fell apart.


32. Browns, 0-7 (32)

Teams preach consistency. At 1-22, no coach has been more consistent than Hue Jackson the past two years.