Biggest jump: Chiefs No. 15 to No. 10 • Biggest fall: Chargers No. 11 to No. 15

1. Patriots, 11-3 (Last week: 2)

If you cover the Patriots, you're looking at Minneapolis in February as your next road trip. Don't worry though. We have ice sculptures!

2. Steelers, 11-3 (1)

Upon further review, the catch rule stinks and Big Ben messed up Big Time.

3. Panthers, 10-4 (4)

Cam played like a Most Valuable Player, but he got overshadowed by the Most Creepiest Owner.

4. Vikings, 11-3 (5)

You know you're good when you win 34-7 and it wasn't really that close.

5. Eagles, 12-2 (3)

Doug Pederson says Philly can't play like it did Sunday and win in the playoffs. Gee, ya think?

6. Jaguars, 10-4 (6)

They won 17 games in owner Shad Khan's first five seasons. But no one's laughing now.

7. Rams, 10-4 (7)

Magic number to join Eagles as teams that went from worst to first in their division is one.

8. Falcons, 9-5 (8)

All they need to win the NFC South are victories over New Orleans and Carolina. Pretty simple, eh?

9. Saints, 10-4 (9)

They had eight penalties, three turnovers and went 3-for-10 on third down. And still won by double digits.

10. Chiefs, 8-6 (15)

Two weeks ago, they were 21st. Now, they can clinch the AFC West by beating the Dolphins at home Sunday.

11. Cowboys, 8-6 (13)

Note to officials: If you can slide an index card between the ball and the stick, it's NOT A FIRST DOWN.

12. Bills, 8-6 (12)

The Bills are all but assured a playoff spot if they win out. But … they're at New England on Sunday.

13. Seahawks, 8-6 (10)

Old and injured tends to close windows of opportunity in this league.

14. Ravens, 8-6 (14)

So what was it we learned about the Ravens on Sunday? Oh, yeah. The Browns really stink.

15. Chargers, 7-7 (11)

They need to win out and hope the AFC lives down to its reputation.

16. Lions, 8-6 (18)

Someone better snuff out Mr. Stafford before he shows up at U.S. Bank Stadium in January as a heavy underdog.

17. Packers, 7-7 (17)

If your QB gets hurt twice in 25 years, consider yourself still charmed at the position.

18. Titans, 8-6 (16)

How do you confirm you're overrated? Lose to San Francisco a week after losing to Arizona.

19. Raiders, 6-8 (19)

Remember when the Raiders were going to be good again as soon as Derek Carr's leg healed?

20. Redskins, 6-8 (22)

According to the Washington Post, a fan offering a candy bar for a ticket to last Sunday's game was given the ticket and told to keep the candy bar.

21. 49ers, 4-10 (24)

Are the 49ers the greatest 4-10 team in history? I'll hang up and probably not care.

22. Dolphins, 6-8 (20)

How do you ruin a win over the Patriots? Lose to the Bills.

23. Cardinals, 6-8 (21)

Was benching Blaine Gabbert for Drew Stanton on Monday the right move? I'll hang up and definitely not care.

24. Broncos, 5-9 (26)

Break up the Broncos!

25. Buccaneers, 4-10 (23)

Jameis Winston's season-high 130.5 passer rating on Monday gives hope during a disappointing season.

26. Bears, 4-10 (25)

Sorry, Chicago. You can't play the Bengals every week.

27. Bengals, 5-9 (27)

Sorry, Cincinnati. You can't play the Browns every week.

28. Jets, 5-9 (30)

The suspense is over. Jets eliminated from playoff race.

29. Colts, 3-11 (28)

The suspense is over. Browns eliminate Colts from getting No. 1 overall pick.

30. Giants, 2-12 (31)

Eli said he wants to play for the Giants next year. As a follow-up question, may we ask, um, why?

31. Texans, 4-10 (29)

Bill O'Brien said he will never quit as coach of the Texans. He might not have to.

32. Browns, 0-14 (32)

After falling to 1-29 in two seasons as coach, Hue Jackson assured everyone he's not leaving for Cincinnati. Phew. That was close.