Biggest jump: Chiefs No. 21 to No. 15

Biggest fall: Jets No. 20 to No. 30

1. Steelers, 11-2 (Last week: 2)

Every time I fall asleep, the Steelers are losing. Every time I wake up, the Steelers have won.

2. Patriots, 10-3 (1)

0-for-11 on third down. Still think the Patriots wouldn't need Gronk down there in Miami?

3. Eagles, 11-2 (4)

Two words for Vikings fans who think Eagles fans should just give up on their season: Case Keenum.

4. Panthers, 9-4 (8)

If Cam Newton could hit the broad side of that barn, this team could really be something.

5. Vikings, 10-3 (3)

Like I've said, this team will win or lose based on how the offensive line performs.

6. Jaguars, 9-4 (10)

If it wasn't already time to take these fellas seriously, it is now. Eh, Seattle?

7. Rams, 9-4 (5)

They have to go to Seattle, but they're better on the road (5-1) than they are at home (4-3).

8. Falcons, 8-5 (11)

Defending conference champs are lurking in the shadows of all these surprising story lines.

9. Saints, 9-4 (6)

They're 1-2 in their past three games, but help (Jets) is on the way to the Superdome this week.

10. Seahawks, 8-5 (7)

Seattle's 12th man is loud. Jacksonville's has projectiles.

11. Chargers, 7-6 (12)

Outgained Washington in yardage 488-201. If they make the playoffs, these guys will be a tough out.

12. Bills, 7-6 (15)

LeSean McCoy's new endorsement deal: snow shoes.

13. Cowboys, 7-6 (16)

They're 2-3 during Ezekiel Elliott's suspension with one more game left at Oakland.

14. Ravens, 7-6 (13)

The vaunted defense couldn't protect an 11-point fourth-quarter lead at Pittsburgh.

15. Chiefs, 7-6 (21)

They're back! Or were they just lucky to play the Raiders at home?

16. Titans, 8-5 (9)

Marcus Mariota throws two second-half picks and they lose to Arizona's four field goals. Overrated?

17. Packers, 7-6 (17)

If Aaron Rodgers wins the Super Bowl this year, do the Browns get rings, too?

18. Lions, 7-6 (19)

They were sloppy with three turnovers in Tampa but did manage to extend their hopes.

19. Raiders, 6-7 (14)

Normally, you'd say it's over. But the AFC West isn't normal.

20. Dolphins, 6-7 (25)

Maybe they exposed the Patriots. Or gave them the rocket fuel to blast Pittsburgh and win title No. 6?

21. Cardinals, 6-7 (22)

Let's hope Larry Fitzgerald gets some help again before his career ends.

22. Redskins, 5-8 (18)

At some point this offseason, people might want to talk about more than just Kirk Cousins' contract situation.

23. Buccaneers, 4-9 (23)

Detroit says thank you after five Bucs turnovers help keep Lions alive.

24. 49ers, 3-10 (27)

Montana and Young did something Jimmy G. never has: Lose.

25. Bears, 4-9 (29)

They beat the Bengals 33-7 in Cincinnati. The Bengals now come to Minnesota. What could go wrong, eh?

26. Broncos, 4-9 (31)

Believe it or not, after ending an eight-game losing streak, the Broncos aren't mathematically eliminated.

27. Bengals, 5-8 (24)

They handed Chicago its most lopsided win in five years. Next up: at Vikings. What could go wrong, eh?

28. Colts, 3-10 (26)

Shh. Don't tell Frank Gore that he's 98 in NFL running back years.

29. Texans, 4-9 (28)

If your only job is to watch for signs of concussions, then watch for signs of concussions.

30. Jets, 5-8 (20)

Feeling sorry for the Giants, the Jets gained 100 yards in a 23-0 loss to Denver.

31. Giants, 2-11 (30)

The Giants appreciated the Jets' crosstown gesture but lose a game to Dallas and a GM to Cleveland.

32. Browns, 0-13 (32)

At 1-28, Hue Jackson needs only 18 more years to match Pat Shurmur's 10 wins as Browns coach.