Favre and Carve: such a clever name for a new retirement business started by Brett Favre, selling cheese and specialty meats.

Check the website, and there's the former Packer and Vikings quarterback, dressed in butcher garb and sporting a wide smile. You'll find garlic-dill cheddar and Gorgonzola among the cheeses, boudin sausage and Tasso ham among the charcuterie.

But don't count on the business to furnish the meat and cheese tray for our Super Bowl party — or any other event.

Favre is one of five retired NFL greats tapped by Web development company Wix.com for a Super Bowl ad campaign aimed at small businesses looking to set up websites. Favre and Carve is bogus, as are the businesses created by Wix for Favre's fellow gridiron retirees.

There's Emmitt Smith's Double Deuce Club, a country dancing school and hangout (he was on "Dancing With the Stars"); Terrell Owens' T.O's Humble Pies business; Franco Harris' Immaculate Receptions. casting him as a wedding planner, and Larry Allen, with All Pro Tow — a towing service powered only by muscles.

Wix is looking to gain business, but for football fans there's plenty of fun to be had, even before the Super Bowl ads run. A video at the Humble Pies site features Favre sampling Owens' pie.

He says: "T.O., this is good pie. I still wish you'd dropped the ball in that playoff game against us." Owens replies: "And Brett, I wish you would have retired the first time you said so."

Poke around at the Favre and Carve site and you can hear Favre's "proper" Southern pronunciations for meats, including paté (it's not what you think), and ponder why two of the six featured meats are pig's tails.

There's a football-themed diagram of a pig, outlining the "quarter back," "running back," "end zone" … you get the idea.

Although it seems real, the businesses and all the text for the websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and videos (more of those will be rolling out soon online) were created specifically for the Wix campaign.

If you're disappointed because you really love smoked pig's tails and you hoped to try out "Brett's Brie," don't despair. According to a Wix spokeswoman, the site will be selling T-shirts bearing the "Favre and Carve" name and one — that's right, one — edible product.

It's unknown whether that will be a meat or a cheese.