At the midway point of the NFL regular season, here's how the teams stack up:

1. Cardinals (8-1)

They just won by two touchdowns on the road without Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins.

2. Titans (7-2)

They just beat the Rams in L.A. without Derrick Henry.

3. Buccaneers (6-2)

They got Tom Brady.

4. Packers (7-2)

If they had a vaccinated Aaron Rodgers, they'd be 8-1 and No. 1.

5. Rams (7-2)

Matthew Stafford is on pace for career highs in yards (5,324), touchdowns (43) and, oh yeah, wins (13).

6. Ravens (6-2)

With Lamar Jackson, fourth-and-2 from your own 9-yard line would be a high-percentage play.

7. Patriots (5-4)

Look who's quietly sneaking back into the playoff party.

8. Steelers (5-3)

Look who's refusing to leave the playoff party.

9. Chargers (5-3)

Justin Herbert has won nine of his past 12 starts.

10. Broncos (5-4)

Teddy Bridgewater just outplayed Dak Prescott in a 14-point beatdown in Dallas a week after the Vikings lost at home to Cooper Rush.

11. Bills (5-3)

OK, so maybe Buffalo over Jacksonville wasn't quite the Lock of the Week some of us had in mind last week. Buffalo is a top-10 team, but not right now.

12. Cowboys (6-2)

Can Cooper save the season?! Just kidding. The Cowboys will rise again once Dak dusts off the rust.

13. Chiefs (5-4)

Who the heck knows where to rank the Chiefs? It would help if they played defense, stopped turning the ball over and played teams whose reigning league MVPs hadn't been sent to COVID-19's exile island.

14. Browns (5-4)

Cleveland's record with Odell Beckham Jr.: 14-16. Cleveland's record without OBJ since 2019: 9-5 with a playoff victory for the first time since 1994. Buh-bye.

15. Bengals (5-4)

Remember way back two weeks ago when the Bengals were the best team in the AFC? They're now 10th.

16. Raiders (5-3)

Bad loss to the Giants, but interim coach Rich Bisaccia is still 2-1 since replacing Jon Gruden.

17. Falcons (4-4)

They've won three of four with Cordarrelle Patterson leading them in rushing, receiving and kick returns.

18. Saints (5-3)

Trevor Siemian can sneak in a surprise win, but he's not a guy you want starting your last nine games.

19. Colts (4-5)

The four teams they've beaten have eight combined wins.

20. Vikings (3-5)

They look good, they look bad, they look good, they lose. Repeat.

21. Panthers (4-5)

Sam Darnold has had passer ratings of 26.3 and 3.6 in two of his past three games against Bill Belichick.

22. Giants (3-6)

Look who's showing a pulse.

23. Seahawks (3-5)

Russell Wilson cleared to play Sunday at Lambeau Field. Just remember, he was 2-3 before he got hurt.

24. 49ers (3-5)

They're 9-15 since that Super Bowl loss to the Chiefs.

25. Bears (3-6)

The next coach of the Bears is really going to enjoy Justin Fields.

26. Jaguars (2-6)

The next coach of the Jaguars is really going to enjoy Trevor Lawrence.

27. Dolphins (2-7)

The next coach of the Dolphins is really going to … never mind.

28. Eagles (3-6)

He's a nice player, but raise your hand if you'd really want to hitch your coaching wagon to Jalen Hurts.

29. Washington (2-6)

Need a nickname? How 'bout the D.C. Disappointments.

30. Jets (2-6)

Interesting stat: The two teams they've beaten — Tennessee and Cincinnati — are a combined 12-6.

31. Texans (1-8)

Interesting stat: There are none.

32. Lions (0-8)

Their final nine opponents are a combined 43-34. Two of Detroit's final four home games are against the Cardinals and Packers. So, on paper at least, the Lions' best chances of stiff-arming 0-17 are home games against the Bears in Week 12 and the Vikings in Week 13. Gulp, Purple, Gulp.