A nomadic doughnut company known for its mini doughnut flights and wild flavors is about to get a brick-and-mortar location.

Since debuting last June, Rebel Donut Bar has built its reputation through sales at the Northeast Farmer's market brewery pop-ups and other events.

Now, they hope to open the doors to their own establishment in northeast Minneapolis later this month.

"It worked out pretty good," said Vince Traver, who owns Rebel with partner Kiah Gumeringer. "It was really weird. We just posted a few pictures on Instagram and boom – I still can't believe it."

The attraction? Teeny tiny doughnuts in flavors like caramel tahini, Cajun apricot habanero and chocolate cucumber parsley. Really – chocolate cucumber parsley?

"It's refreshing almost," Traver said. "It's just really light with a little bit of sweetness in there.

"I dig doughnuts because you can do anything with them – you can just slap anything on there."

Traver said the size specialty was originally unintentional. With only a small fryer, he and Gumeringer were just trying to be as efficient as possible.

"But people just fell in love with them," he said. "You don't have to commit to buying a huge one with 600 calories, or you can try a bunch of different ones.

"And people just think they're adorable."

If strange combinations aren't your thing, Rebel will still have plenty to offer – including the likes of pina colada, maple pecan and lavender lemon doughnut varieties. In all, there are more than 60 flavors, and Traver is still developing others.

The duo is waiting on their construction license now to complete modest renovations at 1226 2nd St. NE.