Another poll, another Dayton lead.

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton has seen a string of good public polling news and the numbers in the MPR and Humphrey Institute poll, released Thursday, kept that up.

According the poll, which has a margin or sampling error between 3.6 percent and 5.5 percent and surveyed 751 likely voters, Dayton had support from 41 percent of those voters, Republican Tom Emmer had support from 29 percent and Independence Party's Tom Horner had 11 percent.

The poll's sample included 45 percent Democrats, 38 percent Republicans and 16 percent independents. The percentages for both the Democrats and the Republicans are higher than recent Star Tribune Minnesota Polls, which had a sample that included roughly a third of voters in each category.

According to the pollsters' report:

Dayton has been more effective in constructing a broad coalition of key voting groups. He has more successfully rallied Democrats while still attracting more independents, and he enjoys substantial advantages among women (23 points) and voters earning less than $50,000 a year (34 points). Horner is hurting Emmer a bit more than Dayton by drawing 11% from Republicans compared to 7% among Democrats.

But the poll also found that Dayton support is softer than Emmer's so that if Horner's support dips further, Emmer may benefit. 

Here are how the trendlines of recent polls looked  in the Minnesota governor's race before the release of the MPR poll: