Fetty Wap, "Fetty Wap" (RGF)

The New Jersey rapper's self-titled album is a testament to how romantic the trap is willing to get. Although many songs are already familiar — such as "Trap Queen," "My Way" and "Again" — the album still has some great surprises. Throughout the project, Wap shows his love for trap, trapping, his crew Remy Boyz and his love for women. In "Time," a sure romantic favorite, Wap croons with passion. "Boomin" goes hard as he yells, "Boomin down yah block, Fetty Wap!" Wap switches like this throughout. One moment the bravado demands your attention, and the next he's showing a soft, almost boyish side of himself. On "RGF Island," he declares: "There's gon' be a house party on this island!" And that's exactly what this album is: songs for red cups raised to the roof. A few tracks bleed into the next ones, but the standouts make up for the merging. You just found the soundtrack for your next house party.

sofiya ballin, Philadelphia Inquirer


In the noirish clip, "Dirty Harry," Aussie singer Grace, 18, comes across like a hip-hop Amy Winehouse.