Meghan Trainor, "Title" (Epic)

Pop music is cluttered with one-hit wonders who hit as big as Trainor did with "All About That Bass," then never struck again. She won't have that problem. Her debut is filled with future hits she co-wrote that show off diverse influences cobbled into a style she can call her own. Trainor builds on the combination of girl-group-pop and hip-hop that fuels "Bass" and the new hit "Lips Are Movin'." "Walkashame" makes the most of sweet harmonies before it adds big hip-hop beats. "Mr. Almost" is Andrews Sisters cute, too, until Shy Carter tosses in his very current rhymes. Trainor falters only on the clumsy ode to drummers, "Bang Dem Sticks." She is at her best in the more timeless songs. The island-tinged "No Good for You" is a sunny treat, while the classic-sounding soul ballad "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" with John Legend will stick with Trainor, 21, throughout her sure-to-be-lengthy career.

Glenn Gamboa, Newsday


The clip for Nedelle Torrisi's "Don't Play Dumb,"a classic pop song filled with ennui, takes an up-close look at the life of a Target store worker.