Forgot the political doubletalk. A spokesman for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie leaves no middle ground for how the Republican feels about "Jersey Shore," according to, the website for the Newark (N.J.) Star-Ledger.

In a statement Wednesday, [Michael] Drewniak said, "The Governor’s opinions about Jersey Shore and its New Yorker cast are well-known. They are phonies and the show is a false portrayal of New Jersey and our shore communities.”

The context for the remarks? A call by a Democratic state senator and a national group of Italian-Americans to block a $420,000 tax credit that goes to the show's production company. They didn't mince words either.

“It is disparaging to Italian Americans. He should veto it, ” said state Sen. Joe Vitale (D-Middlesex), a frequent critic of the show who supports the film tax credit but said the state should not reward a television show that paints the state in negative light.

Andre’ DiMino, President of Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition, an anti-bias organization of more than 5,000 members. said, “The Economic Development Authority has abrogated the public trust by awarding a tax credit to a show that not only stereotypes Italians, but promotes violence, and cast members who revel in openly breaking the law."

He added, “Public monies should never be used to subsidize and promote violence, criminal behavior and ethnic stereotyping. This is disgraceful, and we are calling upon Governor Christie and all our legislators to immediately stop the tax credit for ‘Jersey Shore.’ ”

Does anyone have anything nice to say about the show?

Seaside Heights Mayor P. Kenneth Hershey said the state investment pays big local dividends, which is the goal of the tax credit. "The boost to the economy certainly shows, when they are here this place is busy," said Hershey. "A lot of the business folks here appreciate that."

However, we can't entirely avoid the political speak, as Drewniak explains why Christie can't exactly do anything about the tax credit.

“The Governor cannot veto EDA action that is in compliance with non-discretionary, existing law…. The bottom line is that the governor has not been in favor of this tax credit, and this and other applications were in the pipeline from the prior administration."

That's better.


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