People shopping at most Minneapolis businesses will start paying a nickel in 2020 for each paper or plastic shopping bag they take away with them.

The change is part of a new, controversial ordinance approved by City Council in November. It goes into effect Wednesday.

The city requires businesses to charge the fees — which stay with the businesses — but said it won’t start fining stores that violate the rules until summer, after a six-month education period.

City officials have said they hope the new charge will encourage people to bring reusable bags, decreasing litter and reducing trash.

Organizations that represent supermarkets, convenience stores and other retailers fought the ban, arguing that it would create a “competitive disadvantage,” particularly for stores close to suburbs, where the fees aren’t required.

There are some exceptions to the fees, including for farmers market vendors, dry cleaners and restaurants providing takeout or leftovers. Customers who receive food assistance, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, won’t have to pay for the bags.