The operators of Finnegans House, the brewery being developed on the Kraus-Anderson mixed-use block on the east side of downtown Minneapolis, have shared new details about the brewery, taproom, workspace for entrepreneurs and hotel.

For its brewery, Finnegans will partner with Badger Hill Brewing Co. For the social entrepreneurship venture, it will collaborate with Impact Hub MSP, a community of "innovators and entrepreneurs dedicated to driving positive social change," according to a statement.

This isn't Finnegans' first brush with the social impact model. The company has already created a public benefit corporation, a business model legally established in 2015 for companies to return profits to the communities in which its products are sold, in this case via support of local agriculture ventures and food shelves.

In a statement, Finnegans founder and CEO Jacquie Berglund said the latest project is a natural evolution of the Finnegans business model "as we expand and create a place for our fans to immerse themselves in the brand and mission, while providing a place for social entrepreneurs to learn and grow."

When the brewery opens, Finnegans and Badger Hill will brew out of two locations, including Badger Hill's 16,000 square-foot brewery in Shakopee and the new 11,000 square-foot Finnegans House brewery. On alternating days, the two breweries will take turns producing beer for Badger Hill and then Finnegans, enabling the companies to share equipment, ingredients and other infrastructure.

Broc Krekelberg, president of Badger Hill Brewing, said the partnership will allow significantly greater investment than either brewery could manage on its own. The result, he said, will be "capabilities that breweries of our size could only dream of not too long ago."

Already, Finnegans partners with Summit Brewery, which has produced its Irish Amber since 2003. The company also brews Blonde Ale, Freckled Rooster, Hoppy Shepherd IPA and Dead Irish Poet Extra Stout. This fall, Finnegans will transition from its partnership with Summit when it starts producing its own beers.

The Finnegans House portion of the project is expected to be complete next spring. No word yet on who will operate the hotel and event space.