Michele Bachmann took her campaign motto, “Don’t settle,” to new levels Tuesday in a video highlighting her GOP rivals’ departures from conservative orthodoxy.
How many political ads manage to attack five different politicians in less than a minute?  
There’s a younger Mitt Romney saying abortion should be “safe and legal,” segueing to Herman Cain calling it a “choice that a mother has to make.” Then there’s Ron Paul asking “what’s so terribly bad” about a nuclear-armed Iran, and Rick Perry vouching for the importance of educating the children of illegal aliens. There’s also Newt Gingrich appearing with Nancy Pelosi on a global warming ad campaign, and later agreeing that, yes, he was for the individual mandate in health care before he was against it.
Finally, the video returns to Perry’s famous “oops” moment in the Michigan debate, the first time any of the GOP contenders has so explicitly made hay of his mortification. (This is in contrast to Bachmann’s kind words for Perry after the debate, when she said they all felt bad for him).
The moral of the video rampage through the GOP field? “No surprises” when it comes to Bachmann.