Because everything is bad, or can be proved to be bad if you look hard enough with your special Bad Detector, here's some bad news: the biggest container ship in the world is driving down the cost of international shipping. It's the Ben Franklin, and it'll be overtaken by two bigger ships when they slide out of the dock. It's longer than the Empire State Building, if you put the ESB on its side - gently, I hope; people are working. It can carry 18K cargo containers.

It has a crew of 26.

Why is this bad? Because smaller container vessels will have to complete, and ports will have to upgrade. Read the article; the ship is really quite an achievement, and it's good to know that if we do have to move the Empire State Building to a new location, we have the vessel to do it.

ARCHITORTURE This piece on the demise of a Japanese hotel lobby gave me a pang; it's instantly familiar to anyone whose favorite Bond movie was "You Only Live Twice." It gave you the impression - if you were ten - that Japan was this ultra-modern slick country full of high-tech office buildings.

VOTD This needs more wind-up, and without the theme at the end you might not know who it's supposed to be. Still nice to see him back in character.

The comments on the Guardian site are withering, because everyone is a critic and also a comic genius whose body of work insulates them from subsequent derision.

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